Payment and Delivery;

Western Union: Just contact the company’s official and give the information of the person who will receive the product, price and payment method. After payment is received, your order will be confirmed and production will begin.
The ‘Website’ is under the responsibility and assurance of the cargo company until your order is delivered to you.
Credit Card:
You can make secure purchases with all MasterCard and visa credit cards in one payment or in installments from the “” site.
Etsy Payment: If you choose this payment method, the product price may be different from the product price you see on our site. For the details of this payment method, please contact our company official
Return and Exchange: Please review the “RETURN and EXCHANGE PROCEDURE” to return or exchange the products.

Unless a different date is specified in the product description, the hair you will send will be delivered to the cargo within 2-10 (two-ten) business days after it reaches our hands, please contact our company official regarding different design products. When delivering your package by courier, please check to make sure the bag is not damaged. If the cargo bag is damaged, do not take delivery of the cargo.
All our shipments are sent via the original box and bag of the “”, which is stylish and elegant. For special requests related to packaging, please contact our company official

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